What Is Africa? The New World map

Africa is a map of the world, but the world map is a more complicated beast.It’s a map with continents, which we’ve covered in more detail.Africa is an oddity.Its borders are not only more confusing than their counterparts on the other continents, but it’s also not as neatly organized.So what makes Africa so strange?Well, the…

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Africa is a map of the world, but the world map is a more complicated beast.

It’s a map with continents, which we’ve covered in more detail.

Africa is an oddity.

Its borders are not only more confusing than their counterparts on the other continents, but it’s also not as neatly organized.

So what makes Africa so strange?

Well, the map is not just a map.

It has a lot of layers.

The map is populated by countries that have different borders than the rest of the continent.

This makes sense if you’re trying to tell the world which country is located in which place on the map.

But for some countries it makes the whole thing confusing.

For example, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the world’s most dangerous country, and its population is so huge that it’s hard to see exactly where it is.

A map with the world mapped as a circle makes things more clear.

What you see in the map are the countries that are actually in Africa.

Africa has two continents.

It shares borders with South Africa and the Democratic Union of the Republic of Congo, which has a border with Nigeria.

The rest of Africa, the region of the African continent that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in one of the south, is called the Sahel.

It is an area with very limited land mass.

This area of the Earth includes many countries, but also the vast majority of the people on Earth.

The Sahel region has a very different geographic landscape than the more populous parts of the rest, which is why you see the border between the Democratic republic of the Congo and the DRC on the continent map.

The borders between the Dribbé Republic of Senegal and the Gambia are very different, too.

In Senegal, there are no borders, but in Gambia there are.

Senegal borders Senegal to the west, Gambia to the east, and Senegal to West Africa.

Senegal has the highest population density of any country in Africa, at over three million people per square kilometer (the United Nations Population Division estimates it at over four million).

Senegal’s population is about the same as that of the United States, but Gambia has about two times more people.

Senegal is also one of Africa’s poorest countries, with about 1.3 million people living below the poverty line.

Senegal, which borders the Derg to the north, is also the most densely populated region in Africa with more than a third of its people living in slums.

Senegal also has a large population of refugees from Congo, Niger, and Burkina Faso, who fled after the violence there intensified in 2012.

Gambia borders West Africa, which means it has a much smaller population than Senegal.

Gambians are also the second-largest ethnic group in Africa after Nigerians, and about one-third of Gambians identify as Gambian.

It also has an important role in Africa’s ongoing conflict.

Gambian separatists are fighting for independence from the country’s former ruler, Idi Amin.

The war has killed hundreds of thousands of people, but has also displaced millions of Gambian expatriates.

There is a war in the country between the Gambian army and a rebel group called the Nguesso Liberation Front, which claims independence for itself.

Gambias war with the NGuesso has claimed more than 100,000 lives, including nearly 200,000 from the Gambians own security forces.

The conflict in Gambias north has led to many deaths and displaced millions more, including many refugees from West Africa who fled the country.

The conflicts in West Africa are not the only ones between the former ruler and rebel groups.

In 2016, an African Union peacekeeping force was deployed to the Saardean region of Niger, where thousands of armed fighters were trying to regain control of the capital.

The force was ultimately killed by Nigerian forces, and the fighting has been blamed on the former leader of the rebel group.

The current president of the Gambias army, Gen. Agathe Toumani, is fighting the rebel fighters with a mixture of firepower, tactics, and diplomatic means.

In the Saartland region of West Africa that includes Niger, there is a conflict between a rebel force called the Liberation Front for West Africa (LFWA) and a rival group called Nida People’s Liberation Movement (NPLM).

The conflict has claimed nearly 5,000 people, and resulted in nearly 400 deaths.

The LFPW is a former rebel group that split from the LPLM and is now led by a former member of the LFP.

The two sides are fighting over control of territory that includes many oil fields and oil infrastructure.

The government of Niger has also been embroiled in the conflict with LFP, which had been based in the area for some time.

The fight is also likely to result in more deaths and destruction of infrastructure, as the government’s own forces have been engaged in a prolonged and

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