What you need to know about the state of WA and the federal Government

WA is a bit like a big old bowl of spaghetti, which can be eaten as much as it likes, but can never be fully cooked.In the meantime, it’s still home to the state’s largest city, Perth, which is also home to a couple of major ports and the largest concentration of businesses and industries…

Published by admin inSeptember 19, 2021

WA is a bit like a big old bowl of spaghetti, which can be eaten as much as it likes, but can never be fully cooked.

In the meantime, it’s still home to the state’s largest city, Perth, which is also home to a couple of major ports and the largest concentration of businesses and industries in Australia.

But while Perth’s population has been rising steadily over the last few decades, the WA economy is also rapidly expanding, driven by the growing popularity of the state as a tourism destination and by the influx of foreign investment into the state.

The state’s main airport, Perth International, was expanded last year from its current capacity of just over 3 million passengers a year to over 5 million by 2019.

And it’s also been able to expand its roads and bridges, while providing many more jobs and opportunities for the community.

Warnings about the potential impact of climate change on WA’s state and local economies have been coming in for years, and are now getting a lot more serious.

That’s because the state is already experiencing its most significant climate change event on record, with a new report estimating that sea level rise will cause the state to be more vulnerable to the impact of sea level rises in the future.

This year’s report, released by the state government in December, estimates that by the end of the century the state will be exposed to a rate of sea-level rise equivalent to that of Sydney or Melbourne combined.

It says the impact will be worse for the south-west and eastern parts of WA, where the coastline will be more heavily exposed to sea-levels.

WA’s climate change impacts are already already being felt in some areas of WA.

There’s already been some significant damage to infrastructure in the region, such as the dam at Waimate, which has been breached more than 100 times.

A massive flood hit the region last year, with many homes and businesses submerged under a metre of water.

Then there’s the fact that the state has already experienced a number of other extreme weather events over the past few decades.

Those include a record-breaking heatwave in 2009 that killed more than 2,000 people, as well as a massive bushfire in 2013 that burnt about 1,500 hectares of forest and destroyed hundreds of homes.

These events have resulted in more than 30 deaths and more than $3 billion in damages, and the state now has the highest number of climate disasters in Australia in terms of fatalities.

One of the most significant impacts of the drought, which hit WA in 2015 and caused widespread crop failures, is also being felt right now.

For example, WA’s dry conditions have already caused significant damage in the state, with more than 500,000 hectares of crop loss in the past year alone.

Another major threat to WA’s economy has been the impact on the tourism industry, which includes the tourism and entertainment industries.

Tourism has been booming in WA for the past two decades, but the number of visitors has fallen dramatically in recent years.

Australia’s economy was worth $14 billion in 2016, but that figure is now projected to drop to $6 billion by 2026.

As a result, WA is seeing a drop in business travel and a significant drop in visitor numbers.

The state’s tourism industry is also facing its biggest downturn in years, with tourism spending down nearly 40 per cent in the last two years, according to the WA Tourism Council.

Business is being affected by the drought in particular, and it’s putting pressure on WA businesses.

We’re seeing a lot of business closures, a lot in the industry are going under the knife, and a lot is also moving overseas.

It’s a big blow to the tourism sector in WA.

WA’s tourism revenue has also suffered.

When WA became independent in 1991, the state was already facing its worst recession in more 30 years.

That recession resulted in the collapse of the gold industry in WA, with the collapse in gold prices and the consequent loss of billions of dollars in income.

The state has now had two decades of relatively steady economic growth and tourism is a big part of the growth.

But it’s facing a real economic threat.

Even though the downturn is temporary, WA businesses are already feeling the effects of it.

In particular, the number and quality of job offers are falling, which could have a devastating effect on the industry.

Some businesses have already reported that job offers for those looking for work have dropped by more than 60 per cent since the end for the state in April.

So, businesses that rely on tourism, including the tourism industries, are struggling.

People are looking for jobs.

They’re looking for places to live, and they’re looking to come and do a job.

WA is facing an economic challenge that’s going to impact all sectors of the economy, not just the tourism sectors.

At the moment, it looks like

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