How to make a forest map in under a minute

A forest map is an essential part of building a map of your region.Using a map editor to create a forest or wilderness area is a great way to quickly create a detailed map of a region, but the process can be tedious.Luckily, there are some simple tools that can help you quickly map out…

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A forest map is an essential part of building a map of your region.

Using a map editor to create a forest or wilderness area is a great way to quickly create a detailed map of a region, but the process can be tedious.

Luckily, there are some simple tools that can help you quickly map out your landscape.

In this article, we’ll walk you through creating a forest area using the map editor in the browser.

We’ll also look at how to create an area from scratch.


Map out the terrain to create your forest.

Create a map that represents your area.

You’ll need a map (like a GPS or Google Earth) and an object (like brush, tree, or grass).

In the example below, we used a map to represent our forest.

To create a new map, press the Create button, then press the Save button.

You can also create an existing map from scratch by dragging and dropping a map onto the canvas.

In the next section, we will show you how to generate a forest in the map.


Select an area to create the forest.

For this example, we are going to create one small forest area.

To select an area, press Ctrl+Shift+B, then the left mouse button, and drag and drop the area to the canvas in the top left corner of the map window.

Next, in the right corner of your canvas, click Add a selection to create and name the area.

This will add a selection of selected areas to your map.


Select a brush.

In your map editor, you can use the cursor keys to highlight the area you just selected, or use the left and right arrows to move your mouse around to find the brush.

To draw a brush, press Alt+Shift, then click the Create tool.

Next to the Create Tool, press Enter.

Select the area and click Create.

Next press Enter to save the brush and save the map as a map.


Select your brush.

Next select the brush in the canvas to draw.

The brush will be drawn on the canvas, and the selected area will be highlighted in red.

To add an object to your brush, select the object from the list of brush objects.

Next click Add an object.

In a new window, select Object and select a new object.

Next drag and fill the area around the object, then set the opacity of the object to 25%.

To create the grass, select Grass from the Object menu.

Next draw a rectangle with the grass and a border.

To place the grass on the selected canvas, press Shift+B.

Next the rectangle will be placed on the brush, and a new rectangle will appear in the bottom right corner.

You now have a grass area.

Now you can place trees and grass in the grass area by dragging the selected objects around the area of your forest map.


Select objects and select the area in the landscape.

The tree, brush, or landscape object will be added to the map in the same way that you have a brush or a landscape area.

Next create a selection with the tool.

In another window, right-click on the selection and select Properties.

In Options, click on the Show advanced options box.

Under the Show all options box, click Edit.

The map editor should now show you a new selection.

Next you can select the selection by dragging it to the top of the screen.

Select Forest by clicking the Edit button and selecting Forest.


Click the Save menu and save your map as an image.

In these examples, the map is created using a simple brush.

You may use other brushes or paint with brushes to create more complex forest maps.

For more detailed instructions on creating forest maps, see our article Creating a forest using the Map Editor.


Next add the object and select its location in the selected landscape area, as shown in the image below.

Click Save to save your forest area as a new image.

The Forest map now looks like this.


Create another forest area from the map and add more objects.

In order to add more trees, brush the selected areas, and place them on the newly created forest area by using the mouse wheel.

You will then see the tree, grass, and brush object appear on the map by default.

Next place the brush object on the forest area, and you’ll see the forest appear in a new, smaller forest area created by the brush’s location.


Select this forest area and drag the brush or object to create another forest.

In each of these examples you created the forest with the brush by dragging its location.

In some cases, you may also have to drag an object into the forest to create it.

To see how to drag a brush into a forest, see How to drag brush into forest.


Finally, create an additional forest area with the same brush location.

To do this, select another forest from the landscape area and select Add a new forest to the selection.

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