Why we’re not using this map as an election predictor

The US election is over, but in the midst of a new war zone, CNN is not showing you the maps that show where the battlegrounds lie.Here are some of the maps CNN is showing you instead.It’s a war zone map, but not a battleground map. The map shows the battleground states in blue, while the…

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The US election is over, but in the midst of a new war zone, CNN is not showing you the maps that show where the battlegrounds lie.

Here are some of the maps CNN is showing you instead.

It’s a war zone map, but not a battleground map. 

The map shows the battleground states in blue, while the map showing the battleground areas in red shows the areas of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that voted for President Trump.

The map, created by CNN political analyst Jonathan Swan, is called the Election Forecast.

The map shows battleground states and battleground areas.

The battleground states are in blue.

The blue states are Trump-voting states, such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The red states are battleground states, like Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia.

The maps show where Donald Trump won the popular vote in the US presidential election.

 The map is shown to show the battleground area of Pennsylvania in red.

“This is a map of the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

It shows Trump winning the Pennsylvania vote, but it doesn’t show where Pennsylvania voted for him,” Swan said.

“So that map is going to be really useful for people who want to try to forecast the vote in a particular state, like the battleground map.”

The map has been criticized by some political scientists for showing Pennsylvania as a battleground state, while other maps show it as one of the more solidly red states.

Swan told CNN he is not opposed to showing the map as a predictor, but he was not sure why he chose to use it as a map.

“This map has some issues with the way it’s being used in political terms,” Swan told me.

“I don’t think it’s good to be too simplistic about the map.

We can’t just take that and just put it on a website, and we can’t put it in a news story, and people will be like, ‘Oh, this map shows Donald Trump winning Pennsylvania, so let’s make that map.'”

Swan said the map is a good indicator of which battleground states have voted in 2016, and which ones haven’t.

He said the maps show that a majority of Americans are happy with the outcome of the election, which could be helpful in predicting the outcome.

“There is this common perception that the battleground maps are not good at predicting the election,” Swan explained.

“But that is not necessarily true.

And if you look at the map that was created by me, it actually showed that.”CNN is showing the maps in red, but the map shows which battlegrounds voted for which candidate in the 2016 election.

CNN Political Analyst Jonathan Swan says the maps are useful for predicting the vote. 

The maps show the electoral battlegrounds.

The electoral battleground states were blue.

The map also shows the electoral map of Pennsylvania and the electoral maps of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Nevada. 

Swan says the map isn’t a forecast map, because there is no vote tracking mechanism in place. 

“We do not know if there are enough votes in the battleground, because you can’t have a vote tracking system in place,” Swan added.

“The only way that we know what percentage of the voters that were in the Electoral College are going to show up is by the polls.

But we do know that there are more people in the electoral college than there are votes in each state.”

Swan also said the Electoral Map of Pennsylvania is not the same as the Electoral map of Wisconsin.

“The map of Pennsylvanias electoral map is not going to have the same electoral map as the map of Wisconsins electoral map.

So we are going with the map where the votes were cast and the maps where the electoral votes were counted,” Swan stated.

“There is no way to compare the maps of Pennsylvania or the maps on the ballot.”

Swar is not a conspiracy theorist.

He told CNN that the maps have been used in the past to forecast voting behavior. 

He explained that in 2000, a map predicting President George W. Bush’s re-election was created that was supposed to be used by political analysts to predict who was going to win the election.

But it turned out to be inaccurate, he said.

“I would say that’s the one that’s not a prediction,” Swan noted. 

And if you were a conspiracy analyst, you would not be surprised that there would be some people who thought the map was inaccurate. 

But the maps still work well, because the Electoral maps don’t show who is winning, and the map in the news can be used to predict what will happen. 

Here is what CNN says about the maps.

The Election Forecasting Map of the United States was created using the latest election technology and available data.

The Election Forecaster Map of Election Results for the United Kingdom is a prediction map of voting behavior for the U.K. It uses state-level, cross-

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